The 3 C's

Life coaching is a co-created relationship that allows you to explore, question and discover what it is you really want for your life. We work from the inside out. First by understanding The 3 C's

What's the Inside Part?

As you move toward your goals, life starts to shift and at times may feel uncomfortable. It is right on the edge of your comfort zone that real change takes place. The real truth of the matter is: we have to be willing to get uncomfortable. Typically for most, once that uncomfortable feeling shows up, so does his cousin, Mr/s Resistance. And that's when the excuses start to come.



Quite often we recruit our friends and family for support along our journey, which is wonderful don't get me wrong, but if and when the excuses start to come up, they tend to be right there with you, blowing off your action plan and heading down to the beach. A coach keeps you accountable by making sure the excuses don't get in the way, thus allowing what you really want to manifest to come to fruition!


The Results

While you’re heading toward your goal it’s important to embrace the process of getting there because it is a process, and how you are with yourself while in the process is equally important.   

You want to keep an eye on the big picture and continually strive for that place while being fully present.  Moving toward your future from a place of lack, limitations, and the misbeliefs that ONLY when you get there will you be happy, is counterproductive and futile in that it keeps you unhappy in the moment. When we work together, we utilize tools that help you focus both on the outcome and also appreciate where you are in the present, and that makes the process a lot more enjoyable.  

Are you ready to unlock your potential and maximize your growth both personally and professionally?

The time is now, you can do it!

Feeling stuck often comes down to the twin dragons of fear of failure and fear of success. 

Working with personal success coach Lynne-Anne McGrail is like having your very own dragon tamer right by your side.

A Solution in the Works

With her background in spiritual psychology and life coaching, Lynne-Anne McGrail has the solution at hand. Offering her own brand of step-by- step life coaching in a safe and confidential environment, she safely guides her clients in embracing their passions, living up to their potential and meeting their goals.

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