Lynne-Anne McGrail Life Coach Los Angeles

Feeling Stuck?

  • overwhelmed by the options
  • having a hard time making a decision
  • out of school and unsure of which direction to go
  • divorced and not sure of my next steps
  • retired with too much time on my hands
  • widowed and feeling out of it
  • unemployed and confused about options
  • an empty nester—should I be happy or sad
  • in debt and can’t find a way out
  • an unhappy situation
  • financial catastrophe
  • a soul-destroying relationship
  • a job that’s killing me
  • negative thinking patterns
  • shape physically
  • shape emotionally
  • the school of my dreams
  • a relationship that works
  • a job that fulfills me
  • better work life balance
  • a meditation practice
  • a move on
  • ready for success
  • out of town
  • living large already
  • a positive attitude

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What the Results Look Like

My clients are extraordinary people that are already good at what they do and want to step up their game or are stuck and want to get unstuck. Our work together has led to amazing phenomenal shifts, for example:

  •  Going back to school and becoming a Homeopathic practitioner

  •  Creating a fun-filled hobby after retirement

  •  Finding Mr./Mrs. Right, can you say wedding bells?

  •  Discovering a synergistic work/life balance

  •  Making tough decisions that support their lives journey

  •  Falling in love with the person in the mirror

  •  Getting big promotions

  •  Healthy good-byes to unhealthy jobs

  •  Prioritizing options and moving forward


No matter what you'd like to change or achieve, the secrets to success are the same.


As specifically as possible, decide what you want. The clearer you are on what you want to have in your life, the more likely you are to achieve it.


Often times while striving toward a goal, barriers will come up and this can leave a person feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and ready to give up. A coach supports you in eliminating any barrier, mentally or emotionally, to help you achieve what it is you want.


Talking about what you want isn't enough, you have to take ACTION. The action plan is the most important step, it is through action that things get done, that goals come to fruition and you start living the life you want instead of the one you think you're stuck with.

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Meet Lynne-Anne

With her background in Spiritual psychology and life coaching, Lynne-Anne McGrail helps attain the results you are looking for. She offers her own brand of step-by-step coaching in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment; often getting out of the head and into the heart—where the real results are found. She supports her clients in embracing their passions, living up to their potential and meeting their goals. It’s not all easy, in fact “tough love with a velvet glove” is often used to help you get through barriers that come up till your dream, goal, or passion is realized.  

Does This Sound Familiar?


All talk and no action.



Both fear of success and fear of failure can create blocks. 


Mindfulness Coaching

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